If you are interested in social science research to end consumption of animal products, check out the RECAP group.

Published research

A review of social and psychological barriers to veganism, and ways of overcoming them, within the transtheoretical model of change.

Evaluating the impact of different Facebook advertisements for different audiences.

Survey data from two consecutive years in Belgium showing a significant increase in satisfaction with meat alternatives.

Looking at the broader social context of cultured meat, including religion, the media, regulation, and economics.

Survey and focus group data exploring higher rates of meat avoidance amongst animal farmers and meat industry workers.

Insights from Educated Choices Program's Living Lab on achieving dietary change through education.

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Large scale analysis of survey data from a classroom education intervention designed to reduce consumption of animal products.

Survey data from France and Germany showing substantial markets for cultured meat.

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A review of empirical studies which aims to highlight the most effective strategies for consumer-facing campaigns to reduce animal suffering.

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A systematic review of the consumer acceptance literature around cultured meat.

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An experimental study investigating the impact of different media frames on public perceptions of cultured meat.

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A survey of 1,000 UK meat eaters on their attitudes towards vegetarian and vegan diets.

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An experimental study investigating the best ways of addressing concerns about cultured meat's naturalness.

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An experimental study investigating the impact of nomenclature on public perceptions of cultured meat.

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Plant-based and cultured meat: a survey of over 3,000 consumers across the USA, India, and China.